Dry Fruits Slicing Machine

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It is used for slicing the dry fruits like almond, cashew, pistachio, etc


The Sliced Natural Almonds we offer provides nourishment to the skin if consumed regularly. Sliced Almonds are used for making Salads and Baking Cakes, Cookies, etc. Cost-effective prices have been fixed for the Sliced Almonds we export and supply. The company is a note worthy Sliced Almonds…

Sweet almond is rich in nutritional value, is very famous and precious in the dried fruit market , and can be eaten direct consumption. Sweet almond is easily absorbed, not only beauty, as well as obesity in summer.

Function and Useage:

1. Relaxing bowels and control weight.

2. Promote skin microcirculation to make skin rosy and shiny, have cosmetic results.

3. Maintaining a healthy heart and lower cholesterol


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