Roller Dry Compactor


Roller Dry Compactor  


TFGZJ Roller Compactor is a novel one-step granulating machine, which can directly press, form, roughly pulverize, and granulate the raw material powder, based on the mechanical press principle using material’s crystal water, and this method is energy saving, easy operation and cost reducing to granulating continuously.

Working Principal

Pour the dry mixed medicine powder with certain crystal water into the taper hopper, make pre-pressure by the rotating feeding of special unequally spaced taper screw to press the material, eliminate air and disperse the material evenly in the surface of two rollers, then press it to thin tablet by two rollers with press thrust, and cut it then granulate in granulating cylinder.


1)      Reasonable design of feeding hole, hand feeding/auto vacuum feeding, and equipped with material level detecting device.

2)      Air sealing equipment is applied in all rotated axes.

3)      Vertical screw special unequally spaced and taper feeding device is applied.

4)      Water cycle cooling of roller can apply normal water cooling or freezing water or mechanical freezing water cooling.

5)      Reasonable design of roller surface: Chinese medicine type/Western medicine type/General type

6)      Zero worn design of side sealing.

7)      Closed-type driving for the roller.

8)      Reasonable design of lubricating system.

9)      Advanced and reasonable design of granule forming system.

10)    Reasonable design of hydraulic pressure system.

11)    PLC control/ PID auto track to control speed automatically.

12)    It is simple and easy to clean and disassemble the whole machine, the structure design of sealing in and out of the machine cover is reasonable.

13)    Comply with GMP requirements completely.

Technical Parameters

Model TFGZJ-100 TFGZJ-200
Power supply 220V 60Hz (3 phase) 220V 60Hz (3 phase)
Total power 10Kw 13.62Kw
Roller diameter X width: Φ210×80 Φ300×110
Speed of roller: 5~20rpm 5~20rpm
Rotating speed of feeding screw: 10~60rpm 10~60rpm
Rotating speed of granule forming machine: 88~105rpm 88~105rpm
Rated pressure of oil pump: 6.3MPa 6.3MPa
Thrust of the main oil cylinder: 2×16T 2×16T
Overall dimension: 1750×1000×2200(mm) 2000×1300×2560(mm)
Weight: 1900kg 2300kg
Production capacity ≤100kg/h (tested by starch) ≤200kg/h (tested by starch)
The main part of the machine is stainless steel 304.

Option: Material contact part of the machine can be chosen as S.S. 316L


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