Rotary High Speed Tablet Press GZPT-122/113/95/76



GZPT-1060 series Automatic Triple discharge rotary High Speed Tablet Press Machine is a kind of large-scale tablet press machine which is developed according to user’s requirement. GZPT-1060 series is best used for mass production of single layer tablet. And it is also applicable for two-layer tablets and three-layer tablets as well as sandwich tablets.


l  Feeding powder from three hoppers. Tablets compressed at three sides. Tablets discharge through three sides chute. Rapid speed with large quantity punches.

l  Hydraulic system is cancelled. Compression rollers adopts mechanical support to avoid secondary pollution; Upper and lower Compression rollers adopt independent modules, the rollers adjustment could be done separately, punches will not be clasped . The position of lower compression rollers is controlled by motor for fast adjustment.

l  Electric control system is entirely separated from main machine. The operation area is separated from production area. This design can extend the service life of electric control system and also ensure sanitary and safety requirement.

l  The parts in contact with powder such as feeding system, turret, and tablets ejection parts use stainless steel or non-toxic polymer materials and could meet GMP Requirement.

l  No hand wheel control. The filling system adopts servo motor for control which ensures fast reaction speed. The main compression and pre-compression use synchronous motor for controlling. The location of main compression and pre-compression are measured through the encoder to ensure accurate data and reduce operator errors.

l  Filling volume could be adjusted to control tablet weight. If over amount filling or inadequate amount filling or the punch force goes out of upper or lower limit, the machine will send out alarm. At the same time the force of a single punch as well as the force curve of punch could be monitored. Pressure histogram can be displayed on touch screen. The over-weight and less-weight tablets can be rejected.

Technical parameters

Model GZPT-122 GZPT-113 GZPT-95 GZPT-76
No. of stations 122 113 95 76
Tooling type BBS BB B D
R.P.M 5.1 ~ 51
Max output:(tablets/h) 1119000 1037000 872000 697000
Main motor power 18.5 KW
Main compression 100KN
Pre-pressure 100KN
Max tablet diameter 11mm 13mm 16mm 25mm
Max length of irregular tablet 13mm 16mm 19mm 25mm
Max filling depth 16mm 16mm 20mm 20mm
Max tablet thickness 8mm 8mm 10mm 10mm
Pitch circle diameter 1060mm
Diameter of punch 19mm 19mm 19mm 25.35mm
Dimension 1720 X 1720 X 2182mm
Weight 8000Kg


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